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Early Years 2022

Early Years education focuses on the development of fundamental knowledge such as language, communication and creative skills. In Early Years, teachers will focus on the learning experience for the children rather than the knowledge itself. We aim to provide interactive and fun learning experiences for preschool children. The use of information technology in the teaching provides a more immersive learning experience for the children.

What is Early Years

Children will learn the basic language and communication skills through a variety of activities which are specially designed to develop their language and communication skills.


Creativity is part of the fundamental development in preschool children. Arts play an important role in the creative development of children. The children can express their own creative thinking through paintings or drawings. The use of various forms of creative tools will further help the children to express their thoughts. In the preschool setting, we provide a conducive learning environment for the children to acquire various types of skills.


Physical and emotional development are incorporated into the daily learning activities of our preschool children. It is crucial for preschool children to develop gross and fine motor skills. The adaptation of various physical activities in learning will aid the children in developing good gross and fine motor skills. In preschool education, we focus on the development of the emotional wellbeing of the children. It is an essential part of the development of preschool children. The children will learn how to control and express their emotions.

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