Chief Executive Officer

Dr Ng Kuan Chong graduated from Mangalore Medical College in 1993 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. Following his graduation, he returned to Malaysia to kickstart his medical career, beginning as a houseman in Seremban. In 1998, Dr Ng embarked on his journey as a private practitioner, establishing Klinik Ng dan Surgeri in Kajang. As a young and ambitious medical professional, he held a keen interest in various medical disciplines, including medical aesthetics. Subsequently, he established another medical clinic in Bangsar, focusing on medical aesthetic practice.

Beyond his medical pursuits, Dr Ng harbours a deep passion for education. In 2014, he acquired a minority shareholding in an international school where his son was enrolled. Over the years, this institution flourished, eventually expanding to a new campus. Dr Ng opted to divest his investment when the school’s founders expressed interest in repurchasing his shareholding. His experience in managing various businesses has honed his adeptness at confronting diverse entrepreneurial challenges. In 2019, he collaborated with several partners to establish KIS.



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