Vice Principal (Operations)

Madam Wong brings an impressive 35 years of dedicated service in government schools to her role. She possesses extensive experience in various educational aspects, including seven years in GPK Academic and GPK Discipline, along with another ten years in GPK Co-Curriculum. Madam Wong has also held the position of Key Personnel for Bahasa Malaysia under JPNS for six years. Additionally, she spent one year part-time with INT Aminuddin Baki, focusing on environmental education. Throughout her educational journey, she taught Bahasa Malaysia, English, and PE.

She has held the position of headmistress in three different schools, including eight years in a Mission School (Methodist), three years in another Mission School (St. Paul Institute), with two years as a Guru Besar Cemerlang. Furthermore, she has contributed her expertise to the private school sector, accumulating seven years of valuable experience.



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