Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr Chung Cheng Yeat started his career as a project engineer at Tampin Premix and Construction Sdn. Bhd. His main role was to coordinate, manage, and supervise the overall construction project of the company. During his tenure, he gained project management experience and decided to join Pakatan Perunding Yusoff Sdn. Bhd. in 1989 to further enhance his experience. He was tasked with being involved in the Ayer Hitam to Machap Toll Express Way project as well. 

In 1990, Mr Chung joined Tampin Team Sdn. Bhd. The positive career move turned out to be twenty years of a long-lasting, successful career for him until today. Mr Chung joined the company as an engineer and was subsequently promoted to the top management level as a company director. The company has over the years gone into different areas of business, sectors, and industries. Mr Chung has been one of the major contributors to the company’s success in these diversified business portfolios.



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